Pulse Oximeter – Jziki-303

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1. Display mode: 1.1 inch color OLED screen display

2. Display resolution: 96*64

3. Pulse rate measurement range: 30bpm ~ 250bpm (resolution is 1bpm)

4. Accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2% for large values

5. Error under weak perfusion: When the pulse filling degree is 0.4%, the oximeter can correctly display the blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate values, the blood oxygen saturation error is ±4%; the pulse rate error is ±2bpm or ± 2% takes a large value.

6. Resistance to ambient light interference: The measured value of blood oxygen in indoor natural light and existing illumination source is less than ±1% compared with the measured value under darkroom conditions.

7. Power consumption: no more than 30 mA

8. Working voltage: DC 3.0V

9. Battery working time: 20 hours of continuous operation, the theoretical value is 32

10. Safety type: internal power supply unit, type BF application

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